As our emphasis is on the integrated personality development and development of Individual skill and interest, we offer a wide range of extra and co-curricular activities, participation in which is compulsory.Under the able guidance of skilled Instructor, the School provides a congenial atmosphere for the development of cultural activities like Debate, Elocution, Recitation, Drama, Quiz and others. Special emphasis is laid on S.U.P.W. (Socially Useful Productive Works), which covers a wide range of activities like Music, Dance, Painting, Gardening, Craft, Tailoring, Typewriting and many more.


The student enjoys two vacations during an Academic Session. Summer Vacation is for about 5 (five) weeks and the Puja Vacation is for 4 (four) weeks. The exact dates of the Vacations are informed to the Guardians.


The School observes and celebrates a number of occasions. The details are given in the Yearly Planner Noted amongst them are as follows.

  • FoundatioDay on 2nd   
  • Independence Day Celebration 3). Exhibition
  • Saraswati Puja & all the Indian
  • Republic Day Celebration & Annual Sports on 26 h
  • Annual Cultural Function in the Last week of every December 7). Educational trip to different destination everpulsory event
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